My core belief and emphasis is on sustainable health before fitness, both short term, 6-24 weeks to a longer term view of more than 5 years.

I have been involved in fitness and sport my whole working life from joining the British Army in the early 1980s. My role during these years in Germany was as an outdoor instructor in alpine and Nordic skiing during winter and in the summer as a canoeing and hill walking instructor. I led groups on many expeditions canoeing on alpine rivers and in the mountains during this time.

On returning to the UK in the 90s I became a physical training instructor responsible for designing and organising fitness sessions for soldiers.

On leaving the army I joined the Fire Service in which I was able to continue a healthy lifestyle based around fitness. I continued hill walking and completed long distance events in the mountains. I moved into sea kayaking and led multi-day trips around the Scottish Islands and Norway.

My first love of skiing and in particular cross country skiing still burns, I compete in a 90 kilometre race in Sweden every year.

In the last 10 years I have been more involved and compete in triathlon covering sprint, Olympic and Ironman distance events usually abroad.

When I started triathlon racing I achieved some good successes in Ironman, however, during one summer I started to go backwards and suffered from recurring illness and injury which led to quite a serious period of illness. I had to change my way of thinking to one of mindful training, of reducing the volume of training/intensity and most importantly to have good quality sleep and nutrition.

I learnt the benefits of simply going for a walk, of yoga and pilates and of reducing stress and inflammation from the body. This maintained health and kept a good level of fitness in place too.

I place such importance on this aspect that I believe we all need a ‘quiet mind’ before any training can be successful. A stressed body and mind simply cannot perform as well as a calm one.

My ambition is to help people like you wishing to enhance their health, fitness and physique.

For those who want to optimise their fitness I’m excited to join and work with you.


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Workout anywhere, anytime

Nutrition advice is given with tips relating to recovery, sleep and general wellbeing.

Nutrition and diet can be so overwhelming for many people and used in a negative way.

I prefer to concentrate on positive aspects of weight management, in the fitness industry an often used word is ‘body transformation.’ Fat loss will be a result but only with a balance of activity and a healthy long term relationship with food.


Over the last 5 years years I have used ‘intermittent fasting’ which has helped me stay leaner and recover better, this means I eat my first meal at about lunchtime, usually after training.

Sleep is free! It is one of the most important and I feel underused factors relating to health and fitness.


Without good quality sleep it is very difficult to have a lifestyle balance of family, work, social and training activities.