Group exercise is a fun way of training and keeping fit as it’s done perhaps with a group of friends. When exercising within a group it’s good to have influence from other participants to offer support, encouragement and motivation.

Personal training is I believe a good investment into long term health/fitness benefits; I welcome friends that join together into small groups as this can work out good value. Training can often be carried out in each others homes during the winter months.

Please enquire for group prices.

I intend to run outside group sessions at various parks around Maidenhead: Oaken Grove Park, Guards Club Park, Kidwells Park,

In Marlow, Higginson Park

Other areas are available, please just ask?


Fitness Trainer, Founder

I have been involved in fitness and sport my whole working life from joining the British Army in the early 1980s. My role during these years in Germany was as an outdoor instructor in alpine and Nordic skiing during winter and in the summer as a canoeing and hill walking instructor. I led groups on many expeditions canoeing on alpine rivers and in the mountains during this time.

On returning to the UK in the 90s I became a physical training instructor responsible for designing and organising fitness sessions for soldiers.

On leaving the army I joined the Fire Service in which I was able to continue a healthy lifestyle based around fitness. I continued hill walking and completed long distance events in the mountains. I moved into sea kayaking and led multi-day trips around the Scottish Islands and Norway.

My first love of skiing and in particular cross country skiing still burns, I compete in a 90 kilometre race in Sweden every year.

In the last 10 years I have been more involved and compete in triathlon covering sprint, Olympic and Ironman distance events usually abroad.