I have worked with Rob since January 2018 as my performance coach. Throughout this period Rob has been diligent, knowledgeable (signposting and coaching) towards the latest in sports science motivational, and an excellent communicator.

He has coached me to understand my health and how to get the optimal from my physical and mental performance – in training and running races; because of Rob’s coaching, planning and support through this physical and behavioural change I have set myself.

I strongly recommend him as a personal trainer and performance coach, due to his attention to detail and outstanding professionalism. I am enjoying my health and fitness progress, feeling the gains and getting the ‘wins’ we have agreed.

I value Rob’s coaching in my fitness journey, which I believe is just the start of great things to come with Rob’s coaching and support.

Lisa Ashton, Equine Science Coach and runner


As a practising osteopath, I have a sound knowledge of physiology and anatomy and the workings of the human body and have found through my own training with Rob that he is a highly effective and motivational trainer. He is up to date with the latest training approaches involving compound and functional movements, and is sensitive to the need to 'make progress, but carefully'. I can recommend him to anyone wanting personal training, but especially to those who want to do PT work but have some concerns about the risks of returning to the gym."


Michael P Smith, BSc (Hons) Ost